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 This is our Rainbow Bridge

This page is dedicated to those that are no longer with us but touched our lives in so very many different special ways.

They are gone but by no means ever Forgotten!!!


Ch Pennrico's Maderia Matuese

Matty was my foundation bitch and in many ways the start of a new life for me.  She ment so very much in so many ways and she touched many people in her journey through life. In her retirement she shared her life with two families because that is what she choose. She lived with me part time and a very dear friend of mine as when Matty visited with Francine for a couple of weeks she decided she did not want to come home she loved Francine. After that moment she would live with Francine's family for 2-3 weeks then come back home to my family for 2-3 weeks we always let Matty decided where she wanted to be as She was such a Great dog she diserved the very best.  Around age 7 she developed IBD and we (both families) took great care in cooking each and every meal for her and creating a menue just for her that agreed with her system and that menue at times could change on a daily basis. She eventually died at 13 due to in operable breast cancer.

She was loved very much by all who shared her life and will be and is missed equally as much. She was both a Champion in the ring and in many lives.


Ch Augustine's Sedna Seawitch

Sedna was the class clown. She found or created humor in everything she did and everywhere she went. She was very serious and intense yet had this wonderful exeuberance that just could not be matched. She could work tirelessly dawn till dusk. We used to nick name her our little Sea Otter because one of her most favorite things in life was to dive into the waves then turn over on her back and she would float there like an Otter. Her sense of humor has been matched by few. She was never sick a day in her life although her hearing started to go arround age 9 or she just became extreamly selictive.  She died in her sleep 07/27/2004 at the age of 12. She will always be remembered fondly diving in the waves then floating in the water.  She is the the mother grandmother and great grandmother of many of our dogs.


Ch Augustine's King Lionheart

Leo was my heart and soul. He was in many ways to me the greatest dog that ever lived or ever will. Wherever I went you could be sure that Leo was around. He was my constant companion and I believe there may have only been a handful of times in his life time that I ever left the house without him. He carried himself almost like Royality. He was confident and secure he knew that he owned the world. I could never ask for a more loyal devoted companion. Many refered to him as small person in a fur coat because he seemed to understand everything that was said to and about him. I used to refer to him as my first son. Everyone who entered my house would say that they wanted one just like him. I'd have to break the news that there would never be another like him. That perfect dog that everyone saw took 5 years of distruction and very active Portuguese Water Dog to create. No one realized nor understood that he was one of the hardest puppies I have ever had. He had some wierd fear periods as many of these boys and girls can have where the only person he trusted was me.  By the time he was two he had out grown all of these and never met a person he did not love. But until he was five he was very high energy and very distructive. Between him and my birds nothing in the house was sacred.   Around four or five he matured and mellowed and became the dog that everyone knew and remembers. I would go through it all over again if I could have him back. He was my best friend.

He was born out of an accidental unplanned breeding on 2/9/1995. He was the best accident that ever happened to me. I had to make the decision to put him to rest 05/16/2006 as he had a pseudomonis infection in his larynx that had become resistant to all antibiotics and we could not get it to clear up and stay cleared up and we could not get anything else to work on the infection. He was no longer able to eat as he could not swallow and I could not let my beloved friend and companion starve to death. It was because of my undying love for this dog that I made that final decision for him. It has taken me almost 2 years to get past his loss but I think I can finally continue.


Ch Augustine's Polka Dot

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